Early Childhood Development Day Care

A learning home, more than just a day care!

Smart from the start
"Irony is discovering that the most cost-effective way to diminish low student achievement in high school occurs between birth and age five."
Lynn Fielding (Annual Growth, Catch up Growth)

"Every child learns to read early and well, thereby reaching his or her full potential in school and life" The Children's Reading Fundaation.

Learning sight words has never been this easy!

Many words don’t follow basic decoding rules and are taught in pre-k and kindergarten classrooms as "sight words", "instant words", "high frequency words" or "star words." A new reader finds sight words very frustrating until they are memorized. A good reader will be able to instantly recognize "sight words" without having to 'figure them out'. Early Childhood Development Day Care makes learning sight words fun and easy. Now children can master "sight words" with the same rapid speed that they learned letters, numbers, shapes and colors. 
When your child go to kindergarten he/she will be knowing most of the sight words they will need to know by the end of kindergarten. Reading will be more easy for them.
Early Childhood Development work with a reading program at early age. Kids at my day care are leaning to know the concept of a word has a meaning. 




"Read with a child. It's the most important 20 minutes of your day" The Children's Reading Foundation