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"Irony is discovering that the most cost-effective way to diminish low student achievement in high school occurs between birth and age five."
Lynn Fielding (Annual Growth, Catch up Growth)

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     Tracy Barron  June 2015
It is with a heavy heart that I must take Jonathan out of Elisana's daycare. He has been there since he was 6 months old, and she is his second "Mom". Jonathan loves Elisana, and looks forward to his learning time each day. And Boy, has he learned! At only 4 years old, he knows so much more kindergartners and some first graders. The best part is he is immersed in the learning, and truly learns a lot without direct instruction. But rather, watching others being taught by Elisana. She love each and every one of her kids, and it shows. Her loving support and encouragement has made Jonathan the quick, intelligent, and (mostly) behaving child he is today. I personally, am losing a true friend. As a single mom, it has been difficult, but Elisana has been there for me as well. I have been truly blessed to call her my friend. If you want your child to be raised as you would, I HIGHLY  recommend Elisana. With NO hesitation. She is only person I could possible feel comfortable leaving my child with. I only hop I can find someone half as wonderful to watch Jonathan when we move
Tracy Barron
Quotes I started both of children in Elisana's Daycare a year ago.  Elisana cares so much about the children, I could not imagaine a better place for my children to grow and learn. When Dakota started daycare she had just turned two, we had started to work on our alphabet and numbers. She came home after the first two weeks knowing her whole alphabet! I was so amazed at the teaching capabilitys of Elisana.  Ty started daycare with Elisana when he was only 6 months old.  He is now 18 months old and knows all of his alphabet by sight and mostly by sound as well.  He also knows all of his shapes and colors!  Dakota is sight reading and starting to write!  She tells me about " Mat Man" and how they put him togther.  Ty can tell you where all of his body parts are.  He can count to ten, and they both countiune to amaze me.  With out Elisana's teaching I know that my children would not know half as much as they do.  Elisana's caring and love for the children is very much apparent as soon as you meet her.  Her daycare is warm and inviting and always full of laughter and children that love to see there parents but are not quite ready to leave daycare.  Dakota told me today when I picked her up " Momma... I had the best day ever at school!.... I love going to school! "  They are always learning something new!  I have to agree with Dakota that his is the best Daycare EVER!!!!   
Megan Tisler June 2011Quotes
  QuotesElisana is a passionate and caring daycare provider. She loves to teach and care for the kids and it shows. My older daughter, Trinity, started at 15 months of age, she is now thriving. Trinity's eyes sparkle when she shares all the new things she has learned each day. It is obvious that Elisana is a good teacher and that the kids really enjoy her and their daily activities. I am actually learning from my daughter now. I know my 11 month old daughter is also benefiting, you can see her absorbing everything the other kids are doing/learning. We'll be able to see all that she knows when she starts talking soon - how exciting! I hate that I have to go off to work every day and leave my little ones behind, I feel that I am missing so much, but I do love knowing that they are with Elisana, that they are learning so much, and are in a loving atmosphere. They are in good, nurturing, loving hands. Thank you Elisana, we will miss you when we move! Quotes
Jessica Herrin  Feb-2010
Quotes   I started my oldest daughter, age 5, in Elisana’s daycare program in May
         2009.  We have LOVED it ever since!!  Elisana taught my daughter so much!  She
         really enjoyed learning the sign language and she loved the outdoor time in
         the summer!!  In Aug 09, my oldest daughter went off to Kindergarten and we
         had another baby!  After taking 6 weeks off of work for maternity leave, I
        had to go back and I was so Thankful that Elisana still had an opening for
        my baby!  Knowing that my baby would be in Elisana’s care completely set my
        mind at ease!   My youngest child has been in Elisana’s care for almost 1
        year now!  What I as a parent like is the fact that while I have to go to
        work, I know that my children were and are ALWAYS taken care of when they
        are with Elisana!!  While Elisana is a very professional daycare provider,
        she is more importantly one of the most caring and loving daycare providers
        that I have ever met!   The care that she provides the children is amazing!
       She takes the time to teach them and let their little minds absorb so much!
       I do feel that my oldest daughter was ready for Kindergarten partly due to
       Elisana’s care, love, and creativity that she provided for her!!  If anyone
      were to ask me about finding one of the best in-home daycares in Falcon, I
      would whole heartedly recommend Elisana Lostaunau!!!Quotes
        Debbie Thorpe  May 2010


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