Early Childhood Development Day Care

A learning home, more than just a day care!

Smart from the start
"Irony is discovering that the most cost-effective way to diminish low student achievement in high school occurs between birth and age five."
Lynn Fielding (Annual Growth, Catch up Growth)


Interested in learning more about Early Childhood Development Day Care or scheduling a visit? Please email me at falcondaycare@gmail.com

call me or text me at 719 648-6538
Elisana Lostaunau-Pauzar              Tom Pauzar
Bachelor Degree in                   My husband
Early Childhood Development    
                     Medication Administration,     
                       Universal precautions.
                                CPR, First Aid
CPR, First Aid
Medication Administration,
Universal Precautions.
                            My babies
      Daniella Pauzar                  Charles Pauzar
           school                         school
 Angel Lee Juliette Pauzar
   My day care is a home where you can bring your child and feel complete trust that your child is in a safe and loving environment. You can return to work with peace of mind, knowing that your child is in good hands and that he or she is being loved and nurtured and treated as my own family. 



"Read with a child. It's the most important 20 minutes of your day" The Children's Reading Foundation